Two Democratic AG candidates pledge no corporate cash, third says there isn’t any

Originally published May 23, 2022 (here)


Boston Herald

Two of the three democratic candidates for attorney general have signed a pledge swearing off corporate donations in their race for the state’s top law enforcement job.

“The attorney general often needs to stand up against corporations,” former Assistant Attorney General Quentin Palfrey said. “It’s really important that the attorney general be independent of that corporate influence.”

He stood in front of the State House Monday along with Shannon Liss-Riordan, who said: “The people of Massachusetts deserve a champion that will have their interests at heart, not the interests of corporate funders.”

After signing the so-called “People’s Pledge,” swearing off PAC support, both candidates took turns taking shots at the third Democrat looking for the party nod, former City Councilor Andrea Campbell. Campbell, they say, has the backing of a super PAC called Better Boston. That PAC worked to help Campbell in her campaign for mayor.

“One candidate in this race is trying to trick voters and dodged questions,” Liss-Riordan said.

“Her response that she is not going to denounce the influx of millions of dollars in super PAC funding in this race I think only goes to send a very clear message to the mega donors who contributed to her failed mayor’s race last year, that she wants and needs their support,” she said.