Economic Justice and Workers’ Rights

Shannon has spent her entire legal career of more than 23 years representing working people. Widely recognized as one of the nation’s most prodigious and effective workers’ rights lawyers, Shannon knows the importance of standing up to abusive corporations on behalf of workers. Shannon will use her decades of experience to expand the work of the Fair Labor Division and level the playing field for working people in Massachusetts. As Attorney General, Shannon will pursue aggressive, systemic enforcement of wage laws to fight wage theft and worker misclassification; establish a fund to ensure workers with wage theft claims get paid right away; and pursue debarment of companies that have repeatedly engaged in wage theft to ensure they are not awarded public contracts.

Shannon will continue to hold “gig economy” companies like Uber, Lyft, and others accountable for misclassifying their workers as independent contractors, an important fight she started more than a decade ago. Shannon will work proactively with the legislature to pass needed legislation to protect workers’ wages. She will use every tool available to expand workers’ ability to organize and collectively bargain, as well as the bully pulpit of the Attorney General’s Office to trumpet the importance of unions.


Consumer Protection

Massachusetts has some of the strongest consumer protection laws in the country, but as Shannon knows from her decades of experience, even the best laws do not enforce themselves. Shannon will aggressively use our strong laws to protect consumers from abusive corporations and bad actors in a wide range of industries. As Attorney General, Shannon will protect consumers from scams and corporate fraud, investigate corporate price gouging, and modernize our regulatory protections. She will ensure that the Attorney General’s Office protects student loan borrowers from predatory loan servicing companies. She will advance racial justice for consumers and use our consumer protection laws to hold so-called crisis pregnancy centers accountable for deceptive practices.


Civil Rights

Throughout her legal career, Shannon has taken on major civil rights cases to combat systemic racism and discrimination in numerous industries and institutions and has won significant victories that have expanded legal protections against discrimination. As Attorney General Shannon will increase resources to the Civil Rights Division and ramp up enforcement of our civil rights laws on a systemic level. Shannon will ensure that the Office’s civil rights attorneys work across bureaus and divisions to tackle discrimination effectively in housing, employment, education, public accommodations, and more. Shannon will increase outreach initiatives for the Civil Rights Division and strengthen partnerships with civil rights and community organizations across Massachusetts.

Climate Change and Environmental Protection

Shannon plans to lead Attorneys General nationwide in the fight nationwide to combat climate change and protect our environment. As Attorney General, Shannon will establish a Green Bank to invest in clean energy and environmental justice projects, funded by penalties collected from enforcement actions against polluters. She will expand on Maura Healey’s groundbreaking litigation against Exxon Mobil and hold the fossil fuel industry accountable for polluting our environment and putting our climate in jeopardy. Shannon will work to ensure that we provide a just transition for workers as we move to a clean energy future and will fight back against attempts by corporations to use this transition as an opportunity to undermine worker protections and labor laws. Shannon will continue to be a vocal advocate for fare free public transportation across Massachusetts and for a Green New Deal.


Reproductive Justice

In the wake of the Supreme Court’s horrific decision overturning Roe v. Wade, it is critical that our next Attorney General is a seasoned, experienced lawyer who knows how to effectively use the law and the courts to stand up for reproductive justice. Shannon has been a strong promoter of reproductive justice since her college days marching for our rights, co-founding a national young women’s organization in her 20s that fought for reproductive justice, defending abortion access across the country for the Center for Reproductive Law & Policy in law school, and more recently being an avid supporter of the passage of the ROE Act in Massachusetts.  As Attorney General, Shannon will fight to expand access to reproductive health care and will enforce and defend our strong laws protecting access to abortion care.

It is not enough that Massachusetts has strong state laws on the books to protect reproductive health care here. It is imperative that our next Attorney General knows how to use the law as a tool to protect and improve people’s lives and ensure that Massachusetts is a safe haven for anyone who needs abortion care and other reproductive health services, no matter where they are from.  Shannon will know how to navigate the new legal landscape following the fall of Roe and will aggressively fight back against any attempts by other states to reach into Massachusetts and enforce their draconian anti-choice laws here against people coming here for abortion and other reproductive health care services. She will use our strong consumer protection laws to expose so-called crisis pregnancy centers for their manipulative and deceptive practices. Shannon will also use the powers of the office to root out systemic racism in our health care system and address maternal health disparities impacting communities of color.



Housing is a human right. There is no doubt that Massachusetts is in the grips of a debilitating affordable housing crisis, impacting renters and homeowners alike. As Attorney General, Shannon will establish an Office of the Tenant Advocate within the AG’s Office to provide more resources and legal assistance for tenants, help mediate disputes between tenants and landlords, and connect people with emergency housing services. Shannon will crack down on slumlords and absentee landlords who leave tenants in unsafe housing situations and will advocate for new legislation to ensure that all of our housing stock is free from lead. She will also support critically needed legislation to enhance tenant protections, such as just cause eviction, tenant right to counsel, and eviction sealing.



Coming from a family full of public school teachers, Shannon has been a strong supporter of public education her entire life. Shannon will fight to ensure that public funds are used to support public schools and will advocate for additional revenue sources, including the Fair Share Amendment. She will fight to end the school-to-prison pipeline and investigate instances of racially disparate disciplinary practices (as she has done recently in a nationally publicized case in Georgia involving shocking racial disparities in student discipline). She will strongly oppose lifting the cap on charter schools, as well as efforts by the state to take over public school districts through receivership. Shannon will stand up for the rights of teachers and education support staff and will support legislation to grant teachers and other public employees the right to strike.


Health Care

Shannon has been a longtime advocate of Medicare for All and will support efforts to implement single-payer health care at the state level as Attorney General. She will use the powers of the Office to address consolidation and anti-competitive behaviors among large health care systems that are driving up costs for patients. She will advocate for the expansion of community health centers to ensure access to quality health care in all regions of Massachusetts. Shannon will also fight to ensure that nurses have safe and dignified working conditions that reflect the contributions they make to our communities and she will fight for safe staffing levels to ensure the highest level of patient care.


LGBTQ+ Rights

With a troubling number of states implementing dangerous legislation targeting LGBTQ+ youth – particularly transgender youth – Shannon is committed to ensuring that Massachusetts remains a safe haven for all LGBTQ+ people. Shannon will ramp up enforcement of our civil rights laws on a systemic level to root out discrimination against LGBTQ+ indivduals, particularly in housing and employment where such discrimination is still persistent. Shannon will also support efforts to implement LGBTQ+-inclusive curriculum in schools and efforts to strengthen our anti-bullying laws so that LGBTQ+ youth are safe and affirmed in our schools.

Gun Violence

While Massachusetts enjoys strong gun laws, it is imperative that we have an Attorney General that knows how to effectively enforce these laws, particularly in light of the Supreme Court’s recent decision weakening state-level gun restrictions. Shannon has spent more than 20 years of her legal career figuring out ways around harmful, regressive Supreme Court decisions. As Attorney General, Shannon will hold gun manufacturers accountable and ensure that we treat gun violence as the public health epidemic that it is. Shannon will ramp up enforcement of our state assault weapon ban and prosecution of the use of “ghost guns.”

Voting Rights

With the United States Supreme Court and numerous state governments actively stripping away voting rights, it is critical that Massachusetts be a leader on expanding access to the ballot box. As Attorney General, Shannon will defend the recently-enacted VOTES Act from frivolous right-wing court challenges and ensure the law is fairly and effectively implemented.

Transparency and Good Government

Throughout her legal career, Shannon has never shied away from holding powerful institutions accountable. With confidence in our public institutions reaching an all time low, we must do all we can to foster trust with our own state government. As Attorney General, Shannon will invest in a new Public Integrity Unit to tackle public corruption and investigate public officials accused of violating the law. Shannon will also strengthen enforcement of our public records law and support efforts to ensure that the Governor’s Office, the Legislature, and the Judiciary are beholden to this law.